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10 Best Adobe XD Plugin/Pack in 2022

Adobe XD is one of the greatest software for Web Design. It is the widely used web design software developed by Adobe Inc. It is developed for Windows

Adobe XD

Adobe XD is one of the greatest software for Web Design. It is the widely used web design software developed by Adobe Inc. It is developed for Windows and macOS. It is published on 14 March 2016.

Adobe XD is incomplete with its awesome plugins. There are a lot of plugins or packs provided by Adobe XD. Some of the plugins are really helpful while you start web design. 

This plugin makes your work faster and smoother. If you do not download Adobe XD then download it first. Download Adobe XD.

1. Auto Icon

Auto Icon

Auto Icon is the largest icon collection for professionals. There you can get all types of icons such as menu bar, cancel, social, and so more. Here you can access the most popular icons collection of over 69,000 SVG icons including 17,000 free and 52,000 are premium.

Auto Icon Collect Icon From:

  • Material UI
  • Material Design
  • Font Awesome
  • Bootstrap Icon
  • Feather Icon
  • Ionicons

There you can change the width and height of the icons, and change the colour of icons. It is easy to use in projects by simply drag and drop on the artboard.

These vector icons are simple, high quality, and customizable. In order to use the premium icons, you need to purchase the license. The rating of these plugins is 3.8 on Adobe XD.

2. Free Stock Search For XD

Free Stock Search For Assets

Free Stock Search allows you to search on, Pixabay, and You can search for photos, vectors, and icons. There are easy to download any images and used them in the document. It also allows you to search stock on Shutterstock and Adobe XD.

Features fo Free Stock Search

  • Search for all results(millions of files)
  • Search, download, and place free real vector files
  • Place images in small, medium, and large size
  • Download files directly on your computer

Most of the photos are free but you can also buy photos from Shutterstock and Adobe Stock.

3. unDraw


unDraw provides beautiful illustrations for your projects without any attributions. It is easy to used illustrations in your projects. You can simply click the illustrations and paste them on the documents. You can also use the shortcut key (Ctrl + V).

There you can use the vector illustrations in SVG format and PNG format. unDraw is the popular plugin for vector illustrator and it is completely free to use.

4. Wireframer


Wireframer also has categories like onboarding newsfeed and more so you can drill right into the types of wireframes. Your project requires these wireframes to be completely editable and you can change the colours and update the styles to meet your style guide. 

And make it your own plug-in can save you countless hours as you're mocking up quick concepts to test or demonstrate.

5. Smart Layout

Smart Layout solves the problem of vertical stacking with gaps, padding, margins and so more. A real time-saver when dealing with the more complex layouts the smart layout plugins are really useful for you. And this plugin is completely free to use.

6. Lorem Ipsum

A small plugin to insert placeholder text that fits your needs: As simple as you want to be, yet as advanced as you need it to be.

It is easy to selecting one or more text layers and running the plugins from the plugins menu. Alternatively, you can also use the keyboard shortcut: "Ctrl + Alt + L" on windows or "Cmd + Opt + L" on MacOs to run this plugin.

7. Image Optimizer

Image Optimizer is the compression tool that let designers compress the images within adobe xd. Simply select the image/ that you want to compress and then click the plugin button.


  • Windows: Ctrl + Alt + O
  • MacOS: Cmd + Alt + O

8. Repetor

Repetor may produce random text from a variety of categories such as an address, commerce, date & time, names, and so on. It also allows you to browse for and download gorgeous, high-resolution, and free photographs from Unsplash.

It can also arrange, record, or randomize the content, which might include text, dates, numbers, or even images.

9. Simple Find and Replace

This is a little plugin but it can save a lot of time. This plugin can replace your text in a selected layer. It is a quick step and it is a completely free plugin.

10. Angel

Angel is the really cool plugin in Adobe XD. It helps to Apply perspective transforms on-screen mockups. Set screen by screen resolutions and pixel density. It works on all shapes. It is perfect for presenting apps, websites, and images.


List of Adobe XD Plugins


Arranger for XD


Artboard Plus




Color Blender






Nudge and Resize


QR code maker for XD


Rename It



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