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10 Premiere Pro Plugins/Pack You Must Need in 2021

Premiere Pro is the professonal video editing software. It is the timeline-based video editing software developed by Adobe Inc.

Premiere Pro is the professonal video editing software. It is the timeline-based video editing software developed by Adobe Inc. In this article, we have discussed 10 premiere pro plugins you must know in 2021. All the pack/plugins are provided by AEJuice. Some of the plugins are paid and some of the plugins are free. But if you are used this plugin it makes your work faster and easier.

If you are used this plugin are no need to open after effect for animation. You can totally customize this pack own your way. And all the packs you can download from AEJuice.

List of Premiere Pro Plugins

1. Starter Pack

Starter Pack is the free plugin offers by AEJuice. It is available for windows and Mac operating systems. Starter Pack contains 100+ assets for your project.  Simple Transitions, 2D, 3D, and Text Presets, Liquid and Shape Elements, Liquid Transitions, Slides for your slideshows Whiteboard elements, flat icons, and UI elements by Motion Cafe.


2. Sound Effects

It is a useful plugin for motion graphics. There are 100+ sound effects for your projects. Add clicks, coins, keyboards, whooshes, and other must-have categories to your arsenal. All sound effects were created by a professional sound effects studio Daruma Audio. It is available for Windows and Mac Operating systems.


3. YouTube Pack

These are the paid plugins from AEJuice. But it is one of the beneficial plugins for YouTubers. There are provides all those assets which are used in Youtube videos. You can use this software on premiere pro and after-effects. Logo Animation, Subscribe elements, like button, share button, transition, recommendations, reminders, title, Backstage, simple logo, etc.

Features of YouTube Pack

  • Works with AEJuice Pack manager plugin in after effect
  • Editable Colors
  • 100+ text presets
  • All Pack manager features( fast preview, drag and drop import)
  • High-speed download


4. Instagram Stories

There is a lot of craze on Instagram stories. So, these Instagram stories plugins really help you. There are provided lot of Instagram designs that you can edit on your way.  Music, food, corporate, fashion, sport, product, and offers stories are offers by AEJuice.

Features of Instagram Stories Plugins

  • Easy to apply
  • Drag and Drop
  • In and Out Animation
  • Create any typography and text effects
  • All Pack Manager Features
  • High-Speed Download


5. Liquid Elements

For After Effects and Premiere Pro, a set of 1000+ frame by frame liquid flash fx elements. There are contain liquid splash such as  Exposition, fire, impacts, smoke, sparks, steam, swishes, and so on. 

Features of Liquid Elements Plugins

  • Work with AEJuice Pack Manager plugin in after effect and premiere pro
  • Editable colours
  • Extremely fast render
  • Editable styles such as glow, doodle, isometric, and stroke
  • Made of 100% after effect layers
  • 2D animation plugin


6. Animated Logotypes

It is a useful plugin for YouTubers and online creators. Most of the time we need a professional animated intro with a logo. At that time we don't have much more knowledge about after effect than this plugin really helps you. In this plugin, there are contain 100+ animated logo which looks professional.

Features of Animated Logotypes Plugin

  • Easy to Apply
  • Drag and Drop
  • In and Out Animation
  • Editable Colors and text
  • Short and long versions
  • All pack manager features
  • High-speed download

7. Seamless Transitions

It is the free and paid plugins offers by AEJuice. There you can get 1600+ transitions. These plugins are available on after Effects and premiere pro. Basic transition, blur, fade, FishEye, Flares, Form, Glitch, Hit, Lense, Offset, and so on.

Features of Seamless Transition Plugin

  • No Placeholder! just drag and drop
  • 1600+ Seamless transition
  • Sound effects build in every transition
  • 15 categories( Basic transition, blur, fade, fisheye, flares, form, etc)
  • New Bounce Transition



8. Wedding Collection

A pack of wedding photo slideshow templates for After Effects with a slideshow creator tool. Premiere Pro version support only MOGRT without automatic creation. Video is the finest method to keep those priceless moments alive. We've got your back. Creating a slideshow no longer necessitates advanced knowledge.

Features of Wedding Collection Plugin

  • Manual Slideshow creation
  • 250 animated slides
  • Automatic slideshow creation
  • Music sync algorithm
  • Add videos to your slideshow



9. Monster Transition

This pack contain 100+ animated transitions. It supports effect and premiere pro software. You can try this plugin for free. There are no watermark and no credit issues on the free version. All the transitions are animated and make your videos next level.

Features of Monster Transition

  • Editable Colors
  • Made of 100% After effect layers
  • All Pack Manager features
  • High-speed download


10. Flat Icon Pack

This plugin provides  100+ animated 2D and 3D icons. You can also add your own custom icon on that. And this is also available for the free version and paid version.  You can buy this pack for 23 dollars. 

Features of Flat Icon Pack

  • Editable Colors
  • Made of 100% after effect layers
  • All pack manager features
  • 100 animated editable icons
  • 1 min long animated icons
  • In Animation
  • Out Animation
  • Loop Animation
  • Fast Render
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