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10 Useful Gmail Extension Know in 2022

Gmail is one of the best and popular online communicating tools or software used worldwide. We can send text, videos, and images through Gmail

10 Useful Gmail Extension Know in 2022

Gmail is one of the best and popular online communicating tools or software used worldwide. We can send text, videos, and images through Gmail. It makes our life easier and faster.

But there is some extension which helps to increase our workflow in Gmail. This is the google chrome extension which is free to use.

And there is no required signup process. You can only work this software on the web. And you can directly use this extension on the Gmail website.

1. Right Box: Email Reminders, Tracking, Notes

We spend a lot of time on email wouldn't it be good.  If there was some way to streamline your email communications.  That's where right inbox for gmail comes in write inbox saves you time on repetitive task. And helps you to send better emails in less time consistently. 

Write inbox lets you set email reminders after you compose your email click the remind me button at the bottom of the page and set the time and date to be reminded.  

you can also set a reminder for emails you've received it can be helpful to be able to see who's clicked on and open an email.  You sent after composing your email click on the I icon you can choose from options to track. Learn More

2. Gmail Reverse Conversion

The addon to reverse conversation emails. Gmail reverse (thread) view chat. Are you interested in the latest conference message at the top? Now this easy addition may be done. The email order in the thread is reversed. Learn More

3. Inbox When Ready

This Chrome extension will enable you to check your box frequently, load your email on a regular schedule and minimize your overall spending time in your box.

If you fit well, you can recover every week approximately one hour from your inbox. Inbox When Ready modifies the Gmail interface to help you develop a better routine for emails. Learn More

4. Gmail Tabs

As a tabs, set Gmail or Gmail filters. Google automates the alphabetical organization of Gmail labels. That might take time to navigate through your labels to find the one you want. Cut the time that you are using our newest email productivity tool, Gmail Tabs, for sifting through the Gmail label. Learn More

5. Clearbit Connect

A tiny widget that sits in the sidebar of Gmail is Clearbit Connect. It shows essential information about the individuals that contact you, so that you may discover the email address of anyone without leaving your inbox.

Find email addresses for employees for any business and display valuable context info for every email recipient.

Connect provides you with access to the world's largest and most modern database. The information of millions of firms and people is simply a click away when Connect has been installed. Learn More

6. Grammarly

Grammar helps you avoid writing errors and discover the right words for expressing oneself from grammar and orthography to style and tone. In real time, you will receive comments on Gmail, Google Docs, Twitter, LinkedIn and most of the other sites where you write. 

Grammar is a writer who provides you with certain ideas for your work to improve—and goes beyond grammar. You may be certain that your writing is not just right, but also clear and succinct. Enter your account each week to obtain a custom written report that will help you measure progress and discover areas of development. Learn More

7. Zoom For Gmail

Come to Gmail with perfect video, clear audio and simple content sharing! Zoom's Gmail connection enables you to immediately expand any discussion to a video collaboration session, with an uncompromising experience across PCs, mobile devices and meeting rooms. Learn More

8. Gmail Snippets

Specially for the Gmail and G Suite accounts, Gmail Snippets is developed. You can start utilizing Gmail snipettes when you compose emails with a single keyboard shortcut, directly from the body of your Gmail email. 

You have the Chrome extension installed. To manage your Gmail Snippets, you need not log into any different e-mail or website. Learn More

9. Free Email Tracker

Know when your emails are actually opened. If your email is read, you may now find out!. Learn More This program is an exceptionally easy-to-use free email tracker that provides you the following features:

  • An email tracking dashboard 
  • SMS, desktop, and email notifications when your email is read 
  • Reminders if your email goes unopened after 48 hours
  • Link tracking
  • Email tracking removal options for personal emails you don't want tracked

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