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How To Get AdSense Approval For Your Blog Website?

How can I get AdSense approval fast?, How long does Google AdSense take to approve?, How much traffic required for AdSense approval

Adsense is one of the best methods to earn money online. It is the long term earning source. The creator earns money through Adsense by click and impression.  But the first thing is how to get AdSense approval for your blog website.

It is not easy to get adssene approval for your blog website. There are some tips and tricks I will share in this article. There I will share every step to getting AdSense approval.

Google Adssense

Most of the time people apply for AdSense approval without any knowledge. And they never get AdSense approval. And most of the time beginners make this mistake.

We are starting with a pointwise point. Every point is important for getting AdSense approval. Ok, we are starting right now.

1. High-Quality Content

High-quality content is one of the major things for getting your blog ready to show ads. High-quality content means there have more than 1000 words in one article, and your content should be valuable for the audience.

Your content shouldn't contain sexual violence, caste violence, and so on. And every article has an optimized image, videos, and proper layout.

Your blog has 20 to 30 high-quality content. And there is every content related to particular topics. It means your blog is related to technology, health, social, travel, and so on.

2. Personal Information

It is also important to point for getting adssene approval. Google Adsense never provides Adsense approval for the same name, address, email, and phone numbers.

You can't use the same email address on multiple AdSense. So, before you apply for Adsense approval you need to change your name, unique email, address, phone numbers, and so on.

Step of Change Personal Information

  • Go to manage google account
  • Click on personal information
  • Change Name, Address, Email, and Phone Numbers

3. Buy High-Quality Domain Extension

Most of the bloggers apply for AdSense approval in subdomain such as, co. np, co. in, and so on. It is a low-quality subdomain and Google Adssnese never wants to show ads on low-quality ads sense sites.

The .com is a high-quality domain on the internet. It is used all over the world. So, Firest you need to buy a domain for your blog website. It maintains your website quality.

And another important thing is that it helps to rank any blog post on search engines. Most of the time rank those articles that have a high-quality domain.

4. Used User-Friendly Themes

If you are a Wordpress or blogger user then there are provides high-quality themes for your blog website. The look of the website also matters while getting Adsense approval. If you are using Wordpress then there are provides thousands of high-quality themes. 

And if you are using blogger then there are also provides free and paid themes. It is also best for your blog by used paid themes. There are provides advanced schmear markup and SEO which helps to rank your site.

Your themes should be SEO friendly, user-friendly, responsive, and professional. And your themes should be responsive on mobile, desktop, and tablet devices. And your themes have good loading speed on mobile and desktop devices.

5. Organic Traffic on your Blog

Organic traffic is also important for getting your blog AdSense approval. Your blog has 500 to 1000 visitors per day. There is no matter where you can get traffic such as backlinks, social, direct, and so on. 

Your blog traffic should be greater than 10 thousand.  And it is the last and important factor for getting AdSense approval.

I hope all of you like this article and share it with your friends. If you think I will miss some points on this article then suggest me on comment below.


Some Important Points You need to note

  • Are you at least 18 years old?
  • Do you have your own unique and interesting content
  • Does your content comply with the AdSense program policies
  • Adsense policies only allow one account per publishers
  • Do not use other ad networks together with AdSense
  • You must have access HTML source code of your site


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