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Top 5 Resources for Graphics Designers in 2021?

Start making some design we need a lot of resources for it. There are many such types of websites that provide resources for designers.

Start making some design we need a lot of resources for it. There are many such types of websites that provide resources for designers. But there is a need to choose the right websites for your design. In this article, we have covered the colours, illustrator, fonts, icons, free images, and inspiration. 

There are some of the websites are free and some of the paid. But the quality of this website is next level.  I will personally use this website for making some art.

1. Colors Palette

Color Palette

While start making some illustrator, logos, and posters, colours plates are one of the very useful for making some graphics. Here I have some of my favourite websites which you can use for the colour palette.

Muzil Colors: Muzil Colors is one of the favourite websites for downloading colour palettes for your design. Most of the colour palettes are minimal and colour combinations. You can also upload your images and Muzil Colors makes the colours palette for it. It is one of the best and more features websites for colours palette. After clicking on start the generator the main colour palette page has been open. Click here.  You can download the colour palette which is provided by Coolors. Or you can upload your own images and make your own palettes.

Features of Coolors. co

  • Create Palette from Photo
  • The export palette is in different formats such as JPG, PDF, Embed code, CSS, SVG, and so more.
  • Create college with palette and images
  • Change Hue, Saturation, and  Brightness of the colour palette

2. Vector and Illustrators

Resources for Graphics Designers

Vector and Illustrators is one of the important parts of designers. But are limited websites that provide high-quality vectors and illustrators. We need illustrators for web design, posters design, social media banners, and so on. There we have those websites which provide high-quality illustrators. Some of the websites are paid and some of the websites are free. provides high-quality vectors in 3D and 2D styles. It is paid website but the quality of these websites are next level. It is the best website for using its commercial purposes. There are provides different types of illustrators such as UI Kits, Coded Templates, Wireframe Kits, 3D Assets, and so more. But the pricing of this website is very high.

FreePik: FreePik is the free vector and illustrator download site. It is popular for PSD templates, posters, vectors, and so on. There you can download high-quality images with a single click. FreePik also offers the freepik collection where you can download images for particular categories. And it can provide PSD files that you can edit on Adobe Illustrator in every layer.

Envato Elements: Envato Elements provides unlimited stock such as videos, music, photos, and graphics. Envato Elements are completely paid but it provides high-quality assets. There you can get video templates, audio, presentation templates, graphics templates, fonts, photos, Wordpress, 3D, etc.

3. Fonts


Google Fonts: Google Fonts provides free fonts which are used for personal and commercial purposes. You can use google fonts on the web and posters. Most of the time it is used on web design. It includes web embed code and may be downloaded straight from Google Fonts. It is simple for web designers to used google fonts. Web Designers simply choose their style and paste the embed code on HTML.

DaFont: DaFont is a popular site for download free fonts. There you can get millions of fonts. And you can use this font for any purpose. But some of the fonts are used for personal purposes not for commercial purposes.

4. Inspiration


Inspiration is the important key for making creative designs. It helps designers thinking in a creative way. There are lots of websites to get inspiration from their design.

Pinterest: Pinterest is one of the best sites for design inspiration. There are lots of designers who share their creative works and ideas.  There you can inspire with web design, posters making, icons, motion graphics, and so more.

Dribbble: Dribbble is the site where designers share their creative ideas. Most of the designs uploaded on dribble about web design. But you can also get posters design, vectors, icons, and so more.

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