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Top 5 Best Android Apps to Root Your Smartphone?

Rooting a smartphone has a lot of advantage. But there are no easy to root smartphone with application. We need a PC to root smartphone. But there som

Top 5 Best Android Apps to Root Your Smartphone?

Rooting a smartphone has a lot of advantages. But there are not easy to root smartphones with applications. We need a PC to root the smartphone. But there some applications are available which able to root smartphones on lower versions.

Hello everyone, today we are talking about the top 5 best android apps to root your smartphone.


What is Root?

Rooting is a technical word that refers to "unlocking" your Android devices by acquiring full admin access to your Android OS software or tablet. By rooting android phone, you can customize your android phone on your way. You can block ads, remove bloatware, or conserve battery more efficiently.

Android Apps to Root Your Smartphone

1. King RootKing Root

King Root is popular android apps to root smartphones. I will use king root for rooting my Samsung phone. It is easy to use king root. King Root is free software for android users. It is not available in the play store. You can download the latest version of king root from the play store. Download Now

Features of King Root

  • Speed Up
  • Save Battery
  • Remove Bloatware
  • Better Backups
  • Block Ads
  • Full Customization


2. iRootiRoot

iRoot is the free one-click rooting app. You can easily download king root from the iRoot official site. Given the benefits of rooting, an increasing number of Android users are opting to root their handsets. Because of its high success rate, you will never have to worry about bricking your smartphone when using iRoot software. Download Now

Features of iRoot

  • Free to use
  • Flash custom ROM and kernel
  • Uninstalled preinstalled apps
  • remove ads in apps
  • access block features
  • Boost device performance 
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