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Top 5 best websites to download free icons for your projects?

Icons play important role on Graphic Design. Icons used on web and app design, posters, vector illustrations, and more. But most of the cases icons

Top 5 best websites to download Free Icons For Your Projects

Icons play important role on Graphic Design.  Icons used on web and app design, posters, vector illustrations, and more. But most of the cases icons used on web design. So, we need to used clean and modern icons on a design.

There are such types of websites which provides modern icons. Using this icons your design looks creative and modern. Now we are going to discussed about top 5 best websites to download free icons for your projects.

1. Flaticon


Flaticon provides millions of free icons for designers. There you can download icons in PNG and SVG format. And also choose the quality and size of icons. Flaticon is ads free there are not show any unrelevent content or ads.

The best of flaticon is there you can get modern and elegant icons. There you can find strickers, interface icons, and group icon pack. There you can also go with premium where you cannot need to give attribute, access many format, unlimited collections, and more.

2. Icon8


Icon8 provides professonal icons for beauty your work. There you can access thousands of free icons with multiple formats. The best part of icon8 is you can directly embeed icons with HTML code. And download icons on PNG, SVG, and PDF formats. And there you can choose custom size of icons. And there you can also get animated icons. 

The icons should be clean and elegant which makes your website modern amd beautiful. This icon design by professonal graphic designers. And there you can find lot of style on single icon. Icon8 provides many services such as illustrations, Tools, Photos, music, and more.

3. Font Awesome

Font Awesome

Font Awesome is the popular site among the designers. There we can easily add icons with single links. There you can find solid icons, light, Duotone, Brands, and more. It is the different icons then others. There you can change size of icons with font-size css elements. 

Most of the developers used font awesome because it is quick and easily add icons on website. But in modern sense font awesome has oldest version of icons which is not useful for modern websites. If you need quick and easy icons then font awesome best for you.

4. Remix Icon

Remix Icon

Remix Icon is a collection of open-source neutral-style system symbols that have been meticulously designed for designers and developers. All of the icons are free to use for personal or business purposes. If you need modern and clean icons then Remix Icon is for you. 

There you can find thousands of icons such as social icons, links icons, business, communication, design, development, device, document, editor, finance, health and medical, logos, and more. All the icons are free to use and download. You can download icons for svg and png format or copy the idiomatic text and paste on text editor.

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