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Top 10 Essential Premiere Pro Plugins

Premiere Pro Plugins

Premiere Pro is the great video editing software developed by Adobe Inc. It is timeline-based video editing software. It is used in video production and motion graphics. If you are a daily user of premiere pro then you need to know its essential plugins which helps work faster and smoother.

If you want to improve your video editing skills then these plugins really help you. Most of the plugins are free to use and some of them are paid. 

1. Motion Array Plugins - Transition, Stretch, & Shadow

Motion Array plugins offer a lot of useful plugins. Some of the plugins are 100% free to use. Whether you want to transition or effects, these plugins really help you.

Features of Motion Array

  • Quickly and easily enhance your video
  • Available for Windows and macOS
  • Easy to use and download
  • Get Video Tutorials

These plugins are free when you sign up for a paid membership with motion array. You can access all of these assets with his premium membership.

2. FilmConvert

FilmConvert is the premiere pro and after effects plugin. You can create filmy looks for your videos. This software really fits your adobe premiere pro workflow, helping you to achieve professional results quickly and easily.

Features of FilmConvert

  • Cross-Platform (Mac OS X and Windows)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 or later is required
  • Run-on premiere pro and after effects
  • Nitrate features - Cineon Log film emulation, advanced grain controls
  • 19 Film stocks
  • Export 3D Luts

FilmConvert is a premium plugin. The total cost of FilmConvert is $139 USD. But there are also provides camera profiles features. Camera Packs include precise data for each Camera Picture Style, allowing us to adapt each film stock to your camera and achieve realistic Film Stock effects across a broad range of cameras and settings.

3. Magic Bullet Looks

Premiere Pro Plugins

Magic Bullet is the after effect and premiere pro plugin. It is the complete set of plugins that makes your footage looks great. It is the colour correcting plugins with accurate simulations of lens filters and film stocks.

Features of Magic Bullet Looks

  • Build with powerful tools
  • Part of your professonal colour workflow
  • 100+ brand new presents
  • Incredibly Easy, With a UI for Design

With Magic Bullet Looks plugins you can choose over 100 brand new look presents, designed to match your favourite movies and tv serial. Magic Bullet is the easiest and simplest way to grade your footage, with thousands of grades. You can fully customize this grade and uses professional tools and powerful techniques to makes your footage amazing.

4. Colorista

Colorista is the professional colour correcting plugin on your timeline. You can get a real-time colour correction experience with the adobe playback mercury engine. You can transform premiere pro and after effects into a professional colour gradient panel.

Features of Colorista

  • Guided Color Correction
  • A Better Adobe Experience
  • Pro lut workflow
  • A New colour engine build for HDR

There you can create multi-layer masked correction with adobe masking and tracking features. It's easy to import and work with LUTs by Colorista. Better even, Colorista can build and produce colour-based LUTs, which allows you to share your grade with projects, people and software that read LUTs.

5. Denoiser ll

Red Giant Magic Bullet Denoiser III is a noise reduction plugin for removing noise and grain in a simplified working flow from your film. It is meant to reduce noise without compromising your picture details. You may use the results in one step and you can further adjust the results by utilizing five easy sliders.

Features of Denoiser ll

  • Streamlined Noise Reduction Plug-In
  • For AE, Premiere, FCPX, and Motion
  • Remove Grain While Retaining Detail
  • Five Simple Sliders for Further Tweaking

6. Rowbyte Data Glitch

Data Glitch is an original After Effects plugin which makes digital image glitches superbly realistic with ease. Something you could see when transmitting a satellite, cable or a damaged disk. Bad TV is great for analogue TV looks, but it's 2010 and you can't see anything like it anymore. This plugin simulates the realistic effect of digital glitches.

Features of Rowbyte Data Glitch

  • Easily create amazing transitions.
  • Artefacts for compression on the fly
  • Create expressions for Audio reactive animations.
  • Glitch pattern control.
  • Glitches with quality settings for Image type and strip type.
  • Mac and Windows compatible.

7. Cinema Grade

Cinema Grade is a modern, ground-mode, colour grading software that works in Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro X on Mac as a plugin.

Features of Cinema Grade

  • Adjust Exposure and Contrast
  • Auto White Balance
  • Adjust Saturation
  • Vector Tool
  • Shot to shot matching
  • Realtime previews of LUTs and looks
  • Look transfer tool
  • ACES colour management
  • Write chat support

Cinema Grade helps to improve colour grading at once by allowing you to grade your favourite LUTs in real-time, directly on the screen, professionally guidelines and more than 90 colour looks in the built-in Hollywood style.

8. Mercalli Pro

Mercalli Pro is the premiere pro and after effects plugins for video stabilizer, rolling shutter and CMOS correction. And no matter whether it’s the vehicle’s engine vibration or a bumpy surface, that’s causing the faulty image: Mercalli handles jello, vibration, and distortion – individually and in combination! Compared to a camera’s internal stabilizer, Mercalli V4+ clearly produces superior results and allows for a wider viewing angle.

Features of Mercalli Pro

  • Absolutely fully automatic stabilization
  • Extremely faster video analysis of the stabilization process
  • With a single click, all clips should be trimmed
  • supports 10-bit, 4K and CinemaScope
  • Incl. GPU supports as accessor

9. Knoll Light Factory

Red Giant Knoll Light Factory is a plug-in for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CC 2018+ that creates 3D lens flares for motion graphics and VFX. It includes camera-inspired, photo-realistic lens flares that may be applied to both common and uncommon items, such as moving trains and fighter planes. Knoll Light Factory now has over 200 presets for movies with the inclusion of additional presets.

Features of Knoll Light Factory

  • 3D Lens Flares for VFX and Motion Graphics.
  • After Effects and Premiere Pro are both supported.
  • Photo-Realistic Designs Inspired by Cameras.
  • There are over 200 presets to choose from.

10. Boris FX

Boris FX tools have been used on your favourite feature films, television shows, commercials, and music videos. Designed for quality, our products have been recognized with multiple Academy and Emmy Awards for their contribution to the art of post-production. The Boris FX lineup is now available in a single cost-effective bundle. Offering complete access to the latest up-to-date versions of all our applications and plugins.

Features of Boris FX

  • The most reliable tracking
  • PowerMesh
  • Roto with fewer keyframes
  • Plugin option for flexibility
  • Remove objects and wires
  • Stabilize camera and object motion
  • Work with lens restoration

The suite also includes multi-host license support, complimentary upgrades to a floating license for more than five seats and unlimited phone and email technical support. All for deeply discounted monthly or annual subscriptions and a single license key.


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