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Top 10 Best Chrome Extension For Web Developers

We know how much chrome extension helps us for work. It is one type of script that helps online work.

Top 10 Best Chrome Extension For Web Developers

We know how much chrome extension helps us for work. It is one type of script that helps online work. 

While I am writing this article I used Grammarly chrome extension. I will never write this type of best article without Grammarly.

But in this tutorial, we are talking about the best chrome extension for developers. This chrome extension helps in their developing activities.

Chrome Extension for Developers

1. Web Developer

Chrome Extension

Web Developer offered by This chrome extension was downloaded by 1M users. The web developer tool adds various developer tools. These tools are available for chrome, firefox, and opera. And this tool runs on Windows, OS, and Linux.

This tool helps to disable website CSS, JS, Plugins, Popups, Notification, Cookies, and many more features. You can do this vast work with a single button click. Install Now

2. Javascript and CSS Beautifier

Javascript and CSS Beautifier

When you open a.css/.js/.json file, it automatically beautifies CSS, JavaScript, and JSON code.

Make source code attractive automatically(optional) while viewing CSS, JavaScript, or JSON files!. Install Now

3. React Developer Tools

React Developer Tools

The open-source React JavaScript library is supported by React Developer Tools, a Chrome DevTools addon. In the Chrome Developer Tools, you may investigate the React component hierarchies.

The Components tab displays the root React components that were rendered on the page, as well as the subcomponents that were rendered as a result of those components.

In the panel on the right, choose one of the components in the tree to view and update its current props and state. You may investigate the selected component, the component that generated it, the component that made that, and so on in the breadcrumbs. Install Now

4. Momentum


Replace the new tab page with a customized dashboard that includes to-do lists, weather forecasts, and inspirational quotes.

On your new tab page, you'll find focus, productivity, and peace.

Momentum is your one-stop-shop for all things productive. One-click will bring up friendly reminders of key chores, links, daily focus, and more.

Our collection of magnificent nature photographs, motivating phrases, and encouraging mantras also serves as a source of inspiration throughout the day. Install Now

5. GoFullPage - Full Page Screen Capture


Take a complete and reliable snapshot of your current page without demanding any additional permissions!

The most straightforward method for taking a full-page snapshot of the current browser window. Click the extension icon (or press Alt+Shift+P), then wait for the extension to capture each area of the page. You'll be sent to a new tab with your screenshot, where you may save it as an image or PDF, or just drag it to your desktop. Install Now

6. Color Zilla

Color Zilla

Color Picker, Gradient Generator, Advanced Eyedropper, and more colourful treats

With over 5 million downloads, ColorZilla, one of the most popular Firefox developer extensions, is now available for Chrome!

ColorZilla allows you to acquire a colour reading from any place in your browser, modify it rapidly, and then paste it into another software. And there's a lot more it can do. Install Now

7. Franz Enzenhofer SEO Live Test

Franz Enzenhofer SEO Live Test

Franz SEO Live Test is a programmable application that allows you to execute web performance and technical SEO checks on webpages while you're surfing!. Install Now

Features of Feanz Enzenhofer SEO Live Test

  • Site Search Button
  • Adding a direct link to google catch
  • New awesome icons
  • Google Search Console now has new short links Q and P.
  • Checks if internal resources are blocked by robots.txt now.

8. is the fastest-growing online community for developers looking to keep up with the latest developer news. Get all of your favourite information from over 400 different sources in one spot.

To put it another way, stop wasting time looking for high-quality content. Simply install on a daily basis. Open a new tab, dev, and you're good to go. Install Now

9. Figma to Code

Figma to code

This extension gives you a get code button on Figma that allows converting your Figma design into HTML. The code is clean and developer-friendly that you can really work with.

Select Figma design components, export clean, and developer-friendly code. Install Now

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