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My Story

My Story

Hello, my name is Sandesh Tandan. And I am from Nepal. Now I am Blogger, Programmer. I tell you about my journey in the digital world.

When every people faced Corona Virus problems. At that time, I am thinking about how to earn money at home. But I can't get a reliable method to earn money online.

There are hundreds of methods of earning money online. But some methods are fake and some methods need money, and some methods needed skills.

In the lockdown period, I start using photoshop, illustrator, premiere pro, After Effect. This software makes my digital journey. And I started graphics design with photoshop. But my design sometimes makes good and sometimes bad.

I also like programming. So, I started learning to code. I have a piece of good knowledge of HTM, and CSS. But I don't take seriously programming.

And finally, I watch one YouTube video where the YouTubers said how I earn 1 lakh per month with blogging. Then I started researching and I started Blogging. I have no idea about blogging. But Youtube video helps me a lot. I am started writing articles for online tips and tricks, Blogger template, SEO, and so more.

But I can't get traffic from the blogging. And I finally buy a domain for my blog. I am from Nepal. So there are not have international payment. And I started research on how to buy the domain in Nepal. And I finally buy a domain with the blog and it looks good.

But the main thing and the concept is that we need to rank our blog in google's top 10. Some of my articles rank on google. If you are a blogger then you have a good idea of how difficult to rank a blog on google.

The main topic is that I can't get AdSense approval due to COVID-19. Some people think it is so easy to get AdSense approval but it is too difficult when you are beginners in blogging. And now I learn full-time programming and part-time blogging